A new programming language for smart contracts

Vyper is a smart contract programming language that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers an alternative to Solidity — the current most popular language for writing smart contracts. The language is based on Python and aims to be secure by design, easy to audit, and easily human readable. More information about Vyper can be found on Vyper’s GitHub page or at vyper.readthedocs.io.

Ethereum has an existing set of brand assets for Solidity, Swarm and of course the core Ethereum logo.

Ethereum's existing logo along with Swarm, and Solidity

Ethereum’s existing brand assets as of 2014

Building upon these I created a new triangle-based mark that combines a snake’s fangs and scales as well as letter V to represent the language.

The Vyper logomark, a V made of scales with two cutouts in the shape of snake teeth at the top

Vyper’s new logo