A new logo for the Vyper programming language

June 2018

Vyper is a smart contract programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it offers an alternative to Solidity — the current most popular language for writing smart contracts. The language is based on Python and aims to be secure by design, easy to audit, and easily human readable. More information about Vyper can be found on Vyper’s GitHub page or at vyper.readthedocs.io.

Ethereum’s core features (as of 2014) have an existing set of logos for Solidity, Swarm, and of course Ethereum itself. All are composed of layered triangles with varying levels of opacity.

Ethereum's existing logo along with Swarm, and Solidity

Ethereum’s existing brand assets as of 2014


From the beginning I knew I wanted to keep the shape language of the existing Ethereum logos. This serves the dual purpose of integrate Vyper into the current landscape of Ethereum graphics as well as ensuring that it can be updated along with the rest as the project progresses. Luckily the letter V and triangles work well together!

Concept sketches

Many other proposed logos went for more literal snake representations. I took inspiration from snake fangs for the shallow crotch of the V, as well as scales for the rest of the shape and shading. The result is a snake-themed logo for a snake-themed language!

The Vyper logomark, a V made of scales with two cutouts in the shape of snake teeth at the top

Vyper’s new logo

The future

Swarm has since broken off to become its own own organization and Ethereum’s other branding has received a refresh. While Vyper still uses this logo as of publishing, I would hope that it can be updated in a similar fashion to Solidity and the Ethereum Foundation’s branding with the core shape remaining the same and the styling getting an update.