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the typeface for corporate takeovers

perfect for giant faceless behemoths

...because even the megacorps of the future need respectable typography. Tyrell is a variable font that is perfect for science fiction futures which need bold display typefaces that have multiple widths. Tyrell is best suited for titans of industy in the business of doing nefarious deeds at the expense of protagonists everywhere.

inspired by the thiccness of eurostile extended and the low stroke contrast look of ddc hardware, Tyrell was created to give a fresh take on sci-fi typography.


almost every block of text on this page is editable and this section is no exception! seriously give it a shot. all the main latin lower case letters and numbers are available.

very good! you are now in possession of the aperture science handheld portal device, with it you can create your own portals. these intra-dimensional gates have proven to be completely safe, the device however has not. do not touch the operational end of the device. do not look directly at the operational end of the device. do not submerge the device in liquid... not even partially.

characters for conglomerates

created to crush the competition

Tyrell is designed with strict character uniformity in mind ensuring that it fits right into your next soul-crushing dystopia. The x-height is moderately high and characters share a monolinear aesthetic with exceptions made where required for readability. The typeface mixes rounded corners with sharp edges to convey both a sence of authoritarian might and conformity. Tyrell is also a fancy variable font with a width paramater that allows the user to choose the exact width they require, the days of longing for a semi-extended cut are finally over!

The future turly is now.

get tyrell

you can download Tyrell here as a .ttf opentype variable font. note that only the characters above are included and my glyphs student license has run out so until i decide to buy that software this font will recieve pretty much no support from me.