2001: A Rundown

An in-depth look into a few of the movie’s key elements

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This was my first project using Natron, an open source node-based compositing program. Illustrator’s appearance panel is great but it doesn’t offer you the same level of control when applying effects that I’ve come to love with Nuke and Natron’s respective workflows.

Natron's node graph

The node graph for this project

The graphic before and after being run through Natron

The right side (minus the background) consists of everything that was exported from Illustrator, the monitor bezel was made in Maya, everything else was created with Natron using the node graph above.

The great thing about node-based compositing programs is that the effects you apply to your image are (largely) separate from the input resolution. Vector graphics are great because they can be scaled to any resolution, similarly a procedural node-based workflow allows for the input resolution to be changed with only minor tweaks to the node-graph making it a decent companion to vector-based inputs. Pretty neat eh?