The goal of this publication was to establish a clean, content-oriented style guide that could be consistently used throughout the whole book. Our design ensured that everyone in our group could work as individuals while still creating a single cohesive yearbook.
The cover consists of events, places, people, clubs and graphics that represent Northern's environment.  All graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator using drawing tablets to create the hand-drawn style.  While we wanted the inside of the book to be cleaner looking than the cover, many of the graphics created were done in the same style with more accurate colouring.  The colour scheme of the cover is the same throughout the rest of the book.
This image outlines the font usage guidelines.  Bebas Neue is used for large titles, Roboto Slab Bold is used for headings (usually in a box), Open Sans Bold is used for small sections of text and Lora is used for long sections of text.
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