I'm a multidisciplinary designer and graduate of the York University & Sheridan College Bachelor of Design program (YSDN). I like long walks, distributed web systems, typography, visual effects, and 3D art! I'm currently working with Webrecorder to lower the technical barriers to entry in the web archiving space.

In my spare time I can be found contributing to various open source projects, detailing Toronto's many parks on OpenStreetMap, and making wacky synth music. If you're a huge fan of wacky synth music you can find that over here but lets keep those expectations low eh?

Contact Information

Got a cool link to share? Have I wronged you in some extravagant way? Feel free to yell at me on Mastodon!

I can also be reached by email at: if you want to actually contact me about real things. I've had people hesitate to actually email me in the past for fear of being a bother so hey, if this describes you, send me an email! I'm always happy to chat! :)